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Motorized Test Stands MH500


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The MH-500 motorized test stand offers consistent and reliable testing. Our Basic or Auto Cycle models are available in Standard, High, and Low speeds. Speed control, quick return and emergency stop are standard features. They accept any of the standard range Imada force gauges and special attachments. Optional digital distance meter is also available.

Basic Model: MH-500BA
Basic Models have top and bottom travel limits that can be adjusted for a precise range of movement. Set the travel limits, flip the direction switch up to move the cross head up to the top travel limit at the selected speed. Flip the direction switch down to send the cross head down to the bottom travel limit. The speed is set by a Speed Adjust knob. Quick Return and Emergency Stop features are also included.

Auto Cycle Model: MH-500AC
Auto cycle models have top and bottom travel limits that can be adjusted for a precise range of movement. Speed Adjust, Quick Return and Emergency Stop features are also included. These stands have three function modes.

Manual Mode: While the Direction switch is held up, the head moves up. Holding the switch down moves the cross head down. When the switch is released the head stops. This mode is ideal for positioning.

Single Cycle Mode: When the Direction switch is pushed up, the cross head moves up at the desired speed, and when it reaches the top travel limit, it automatically goes back and stops at the bottom travel limit, completing one cycle. Pushing the switch down runs the cycle in reverse.

Auto Cycle Mode: This mode is similar to Single Cycle mode, except that the cross head travels up and down repeating the cycle until either the Power or Emergency switches is turned off. This mode is ideal for applications such as fatigue testing.