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Tie Bar Gage Measuring System


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  • All of bonding the strain gage and additional workers to the tie rod are not necessary.
  • The stability of the temperature characteristic has been maintained by developing a special strain gage.
  • Please choose the mounting attachment device from 2 varieties for inspectin use that can be easily detached, or for control use with cheap cost and excellent long term stability
  • Clamping force can be recorded nad controled by retrieving the data from the indicator to the PC.


What is tie bar Gage Measurement System
It is a tensionmeter using the strain gage, and the system to measure the clamping force and the opening force by installing to the tie bar such as an injection molding machine.
Tiebar Gage Measurement Systemの原理
Applied example

  •   Balance adjustment
    Aiming at the adjustment of the tightening force of the fittings to become even by measuring the difference of clamping force distributed to the tie bar.
      Detect the overload to the tie bar.
      Operation management
    Clamping force is recorded by using the PC.
    Use for control the tightening operation.