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PT260 Digital Indicator


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The PT260 digital indicator is a super value ABS plastic construction standard use fast and versatile scale and check-weighing indicator with high resolution large clear display. In built RS232, parts counting, visual alarms, animal weighing and much more, plus options for analogue and check weighing outputs. A range of print formats and subtraction weighing makes this unit a super value easy to read model.

The Clearview display is a LCD with LED back light with large segment digits of 52mm in height. The indicator and loadcell(s) combination can be configured for any capacity up to 99990kg with a resolution of more than 1:30000. Power source is via internal rechargeable battery or 9V DC 800mA powered external adaptor (115/230vAC 50/60Hz 10 watts)

Recommended for up to 8 x 350 ohm loadcells the PT260 has a sealed colour coded keypad membrane for ease of operation. Each supplied package includes a PT260 indicator, load cell connector plug, power adaptor and user manual.



  • High resolution, large clear display
  • Durable ABS case
  • Check Weighing with visual indicators and audible alarm
  • Units switching
  • Weight Accumulation (manual, automatic)
  • Parts counting
  • Animal weighing mode
  • RS232 Standard
  • Range of print formats
  • Subtraction Weighing
  • Adjustable gravity value



Load Cell Excitation
Load Cell Input Voltage
Input Zero Offset Voltage
Input Sensitivity
Conversion Rate
 Internal Resolution
Maximum Capacity
Min. Division
Decimal Point
DC 5V, 150mA
(Up to eight 350Ω Load Cells possible)
0.3µV/D or more recommended
0.01% or better
60 times/sec.(max)
600000 counts
LCD, 51/2 digits, height 52mm,
LED back light
Switchable kg, lb, lb-oz, tj, hj
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50
0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000, 0.0000
Calibration parameter and function
setting are all stored in EEPROM.
Power Requirement
Mains Adaptor
 Rechargeable Battery
Operating Temperature
Operating Environment
Additional Interface

Input 120/230VAC 50~60Hz,
output 9V/800mA.
6V-Sealed lead acid battery
Up to 30 hours operation.
0C ~ 40C
<85% RH, non-condensing
W 63 x L250 x H160 (mm)
Desk/wall bracket standard
Additional pole mount standard